Friday, December 3, 2010

Friend Finding Friday

Another awesome friend finder hosted by Supermom
Friend Finding Fridays
Welcome to Supermom’s addition of Follow Fridays, called “Friend Finding Fridays”!!! Each Friday (actually Thursday night 9 PST) we will be meeting up to add our blogs to the list in hopes of finding new friends to fall in love with and follow along with share our blogs with others. This is a great way to make new friends and get new people to follow your blog.
The rules (because there always has to be rules):
1.   Follow me (#1 on the list) and I’ll follow you back ;)
2. Follow the #2 post; my Super-Blogger of the week 
3.  Link back to FFF through either a button or hyperlink to spread the word.
This can be done however you like. You can make an individual post for it or you can just add the link at the bottom of your normal post for the day. 
4. Add your main URL to the list below and either your name or the name of your blog or both if they fit :)
5. When finding new friends make sure to let them know you found them here at Supermom’s Friend Finding Fridays
6. The most important rule: HAVE FUN Thumbnails: This is a Blog Hop! 36 entries so far... you're next!

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