Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree Paper Garland

I thought I would share this cute, easy garland with you today. I have been seeing these precious buntings and garlands all over blogland and had to jump on the wagon. Hope you enjoy!
Supplies needed:
Christmasy scrapbook paper/cardstock
3-D dots
Scrap fabric for bows
Hole punch
Begin by making a template for your triangles. Fold a piece of cardstock in half and using your ruler mark a line from the fold to the bottom edge of your cardstock.
Cut the triangle out with your scissors. Now cut out two more triangles that are smaller/larger than this one.

I cut out three different sizes so the trees would have more dimension/color. Cut a separate template out for each triangle. 
Now, take your Christmasy paper and flip it over to trace your triangles.
Cut them all out and get ready to assemble.
Decide the order you want to stack your triangles. Place a 3-D dot on the bottom triangle and place the middle triangle on top. Repeat with the top triangle. Now you have three stacked triangles.
Next you want to punch a hole in the top of the "tree" so you can run your jute/ribbon through.
Decide how long you want your garland. I cut mine 6 1/2' long. Tie a knot at one end of the jute.
Thread your tree onto the jute.
Tie the jute so that the "tree" will stay in place.
Take a piece of your scrap fabric and make a little tie on the jute. Slide it over to cover the knot.
Continue about every 6" with the "trees" and ties and you should end up with this...
These can be embellished in so many different ways...glitter, ribbon, whatever your little heart so desires.
Have a blessed Sunday!

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