Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Oh. WHAT!?! Are you sure?!?
This is what was going through my mind when I read the message from the fabulous Amanda over at City Girl Gone Coastal. She actually gave moi a Stylish Blogger Award!

I feel so honored. Thank you!
Here's how it works:
Please follow these rules to accept this award...

1) Thank and link back to the blogger who
awarded you with the award.
2) Share 7 Things about yourself.
3) Award recently discovered great bloggers.
4) Contact the bloggers and inform them of the award.
 So, here are 7 things about me that you probably don't know...
1. I am turning O.L.D. this year - The big 40 :( Prince Charming has been having a wonderful time with this! A little too much fun I would say!
2. By day I am a therapist/counselor that currently works with children - mainly ages 3-5. I deal with behavior issues, parenting/teacher training dealing with behavior, social skills, abuse, trauma, etc.
3. I stay up way too late crafting, because it is MY therapy :)
4. I have NEVER made pancakes! But love to eat them!
5. I hate, hate, hate wet toilet seats! (too many boys in this house at times!)
6.  I think I could eat Chinese food every day.
7. I head straight for the Diet Dr. Pepper in the morning rather than coffee.

I am passing this award on to....


  1. Honestly, they look like too much work but most of all I don't want to try and fail! As I write this it sounds really ridiculous! I WILL try to make the end of the weekend! I'll even post a picture, success or failure. I let that perfectionistic tendency come out a little too often! Now you've got me thinking of a post I could write!

  2. Awww..shucks-thanks for the award-your too sweet!!

    40?! Are you don't look your age dear! And now I have given good and honest ammunition for your husbands teasing!! hahahah...I am nervous about turning 30 myself-I guess it comes to a point when you start realizing that you are getting older and it isn't something that you have control over. I don't know about you but I like to have control over most least sometimes:)
    I will digrees-keep up the good work on here and good luck with those pancakes:)

  3. Thank you Laurie, WOW what a wonderful thing to wake up to.. You are so sweet. I am your newest follower.


  4. Oh my goodness!! Thanks so much for the award!!! You are sooo sweet!!!!! I will have fun thinking of 7 things!!!